About Connect

MSP360 Connect (formerly Managed Remote Desktop) is a management tool for secure remote desktop connections between two instances and integrated with Managed Backup Service.

Connect Licensing

Connect requires a Connect or a RMM + Connect license for every administrative account who will use Connect and /or RMM service.

How It Works

Connect functions as follows: two software instances are installed on two different computers: a client and host (target). One of two instances initiates a remote desktop connection to the other computer and, once permitted, operates the host and communicate with the user on the opposite end.

Key Benefits

  • Easy configuration
  • Reliable connection
  • Proxy authentication
  • Connect installation in Unattended Access mode
  • Access to current Windows active session with Attended PIN Access
  • Unattended access with ability to show black screen and disable remote input
  • File Transfer
  • System Sound Transfer
  • Two-way chat
  • Meetings with ability to mute/exclude participants
  • Geographic Optimization
  • Encrypted Sessions
  • Remote Printing
  • Client/Host Auto-Update
  • Client/Host Security (2FA (Two-factor authentication) support and custom password))