About Connect

MSP360 Connect (formerly Managed Remote Desktop) is a management tool for secure remote desktop connections between two instances and integrated with Managed Backup Service. To use Connect the Enable Remote Access for all computers option should be enabled in Settings > General.

Connect Licensing

Connect requires a Connect license for computer you want to connect, a RMM + Connect license for administrative account for connections to all managed computers, or any backup license assigned to the computer you want to connect using web browser connection.

How It Works

Connect functions as follows: two software instances are installed on two different computers: a client and host (target). One of two instances initiates a remote desktop connection to the other computer and, once permitted, operates the host and communicate with the user on the opposite end.

Key Benefits

  • Easy configuration
  • Reliable connection
  • Proxy authentication
  • Connect installation in Unattended Access mode
  • Access to current Windows active session with Attended PIN Access
  • Unattended access with ability to show black screen and disable remote input
  • File Transfer
  • System Sound Transfer
  • Two-way chat
  • Meetings with ability to mute/exclude participants
  • Geographic Optimization
  • Encrypted Sessions
  • Remote Printing
  • Client/Host Auto-Update
  • Client/Host Security (2FA (Two-factor authentication) support and custom password)