Manage and Connect to Computers

To connect to computers, or edit computer settings, select the Computers item in the horizontal menu of the Managed Remote Desktop Portal.

The list of available computers is displayed in the table below and contains the following data:

To change the view, click the cubes icon.

  • OS. Displays the operating system of the computers
  • Computer name. A computer name
  • Company. Displays the name of a company computer assigned to
  • Product version. Displays a Remote Desktop version installed on a target computer
  • Status. Displays computer status (online or offline).

Manage Computer List View

To hide the computer, click the gear icon in the Status column, then select Hide (from this list).

To make hidden computers visible, click the computers icon, then select Show Hidden Computers.

Connect to Computers

To connect to a required host for a remote session, click on the plug icon, located in the Status column.

Note that the connection cannot be established in case the target host is offline