Amazon S3 Storage Classes

Managed Backup service fully supports Amazon S3 storage classes including S3 Intelligent-Tiering, S3 Glacier and S3 Glacier Deep Archive. You can now automatically set any Amazon S3 storage class to all the files that you back up.

With S3 Glacier storage class, you can back up files directly to S3 Glacier.

Note: For new MBS providers, this option is available for users by default. For existing providers it should be enabled in Advanced Rebranding settings.

This topic explains:

Enable Storage Classes for Backup Agent

  1. Open the Management Console.

  2. In Downloads menu, select Advanced Rebranding.

  1. Click the Options tab.

  1. Scroll down to the Storage Class (Amazon S3).

  • Show storage class options in the console. The Storage Class option becomes available in the Backup Wizard.
  • Default storage class. This will automatically set selected storage class to all the files you back up. If you enable "Show storage class options in the console" option, you will see the Storage class option with a specified default class in the Backup Wizard.

Once you specify the Show storage class option, click the Update Resources button and then go ahead and generate a backup agent that will include the storage class.

Set the Storage Class in Backup Agent

  1. Run MBS Agent, then click Files to start Backup Wizard.

  1. Proceed to the Compression and Encryption Options step, the Storage Class option is shown and default class is selected. (It is only Amazon S3 option).

  1. Click Next to finish the backup plan.

Set the Storage Class in Management Console

With Remote Management feature, you can remotely run a new backup plan and set Amazon S3 storage class to the files that you upload to Amazon S3 storage account.

  1. Go to Remote Management section of RMM tab, find a computer where you want to run a new backup plan and click on it - you will see a Plans side-panel where you can click "+" to create Backup Files plan.

  1. Create your custom backup plan. In the Compression and Encryption Options section, you can see Storage class option where you can choose a storage class.

Now your backup plan is ready and you can go ahead and run it remotely to upload your files to Amazon S3 cloud storage and all files will be set to specified Amazon storage class.

To learn more, refer to Backup Plan Remote Management chapter.