Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration

Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration accelerates Amazon S3 data transfers by up to 500%.

This chapter covers the following topics:

Enable S3 Transfer Acceleration in Management Console

With the Remote Management feature, you can remotely run a new backup plan and set Transfer Acceleration to the files that you upload to Amazon S3.

  1. Go to the Remote Management section of the RMM tab, select the computer on which you want to run a new backup plan, then click Show Plans.

  1. Click + and choose Files option.

  1. Create your custom backup plan. In the Compression and Encryption Options section, select Use S3 Transfer Acceleration option.

Now your backup plan is ready and you can go ahead and run it to upload your files to Amazon S3 with transfer acceleration.

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Enable S3 Transfer Acceleration for Backup Agent

  1. Open the Management Console.
  2. In the Settings, select Global Agent Options button.

  1. Select the Show Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration option check box. This enables S3 Transfer Acceleration in a Backup Agent.
  2. If required, select the Use Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration by default check box. This will automatically apply S3 Transfer Acceleration to all file transfers. If you enable the S3 Transfer Acceleration option as visible in the Backup Agent, Backup Agent users will see this option already enabled.

Set S3 Transfer Acceleration in the Backup Agent

  1. Run Backup Agent, then click Files start Backup Wizard.

  1. Select a backup storage account (Amazon S3) account and click Next to proceed with the Backup Wizard steps.

  2. On the Compression and Encryption Options step, make sure that the Use S3 Transfer Acceleration option is checked. Then hit Next to finish the backup plan