Troubleshooting: No Required Type of Data Displayed in Restore Wizard

This chapter describes the local restore cases using Backup Agent installed on the local machine.

Refer to the Restore Image as EC2 Instance or to the [Restore to Azure VM] (/restore/restore-azurevm) for info on restores to cloud VMs


The required data type you want to restore is disabled.

Probable causes:

  • Storage account is set to another backup prefix
  • Local repository is not synchronized
  • Installed agent edition does not include desired features

Cause 1

You cannot access the required backup data due to storage account settings contain an incorrect backup prefix.

In case you restore your backups to another computer, use a Bootable USB / ISO file created on another computer, or have several custom backup prefixes, backup prefixes may differ


  1. Open Backup Agent on the target computer.
  2. Switch to the Backup Storage tab.
  3. Right-click the backup storage containing necessary data, then select Edit Account....
  4. In the Online Backup Account dialog, verify the storage account you selected for restore is properly configured. On the Online Backup Account Storage Account tab, click Advanced settings:
  • Select the Regular mode: back up and restore mode in case you are planning to back up data from this machine to the same directory where backups from another computer were kept. Change the backup prefix. In this mode, you can restore the required data and all backup plans with this storage account specified will use the new backup prefix
  • Restore Only This mode is used for restore purposes only. All backup prefixes are available for restore in this mode

In case the Restore Only mode is already set, consider synchronizing the local repository as described in the Synchronizing Repository chapter.

After the storage account is properly configured and/or the repository is synchronized, you can restart the Restore wizard to create the required restore plan. Once the restore plan is completed, you can repeat the procedure above to set Regular mode: back up and restore mode with the backup prefix used for backup plans.

Cause 2

You cannot access the data in the backup storage destination due to local repository is not synchronized


If the backup prefix is correct, consider synchronizing your local repository as described in Synchronizing Repository chapter.

Cause 3

The installed Backup Agent edition does not include the required features.


  1. Switch product edition as described in the Switch Edition, then restart Backup Agent.

Note that some features require additional licenses

  1. After the new edition of Backup Agent is restarted, create, edit, or run the restore plan again.