General Tab

With the RMM service, you can turn on/off monitoring for the remote computer. Also you can see sensor states for all enabled RMM Notifications. You can customize notification options on the computer level to override inherited company or global notification settings.

To access General tab this, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Management Console. On Computers select Remote Management if you use legacy main menu, or open RMM > Computers page in the new main menu.
  2. In the Computers menu, select Remote Management.
  3. Find the target computer in the computer list, then in the RMM column click the diagram icon.
  4. As the computer info is loaded, switch to the General tab.

In the Tools group, you find some utilities to manage the computer:

  • Run Connect to create remote desktop connection to the remote computer
  • Run PowerShell session to execute scripts on the remote computer
  • Copy link to the remote computer and use it to access the info page of this computer
  • Discover SNMP devices
  • Reboot selected computer remotely.
  • For computers that are turned off will be available Wake-on-LAN tool to turn on the computer remotely.