Customize Notification Options

With the RMM service, you can customize notification options for the remote computer. Also you can see sensor states for all enabled RMM Notifications. You can manage notification options on the computer level to override inherited company or global notification settings.

  • Change predefined thresholds for generating alerts

  • Exclude certain software and hardware from monitoring

  • Monitor disk space only where it’ is important - you can exclude some disks, volumes, partitions, or removable USB drives

  • Get notified when connections to endpoints are lost or restored

  • Configure alerting on global (per provider), per company, or per computer level

  • Monitor your SNMP devices (Beta)

To change global notification options, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Management Console. On Settings select Notifications

  1. Configure global notification options for **RMM Notifications as described below.
  2. Check if required alerts are selected.You can enable or disable some alerts during customization.
  3. Click Save Changes in case of modifications.
  4. To change alert and excludes settings click Customize notification options

  1. Specify recipients for RMM email notifications. RMM alerts also will appear in MSP Control (Android) or MSP Admin (iOS) mobile apps on your registered devices.
  2. Find the alert you want to configure. The following options can be configured for alerts:
    • Alert threshold. Specifies the value that will trigger the alert if this value persists during specified period
    • Event duration. Specifies the duration of the event that will trigger the alert
    • Incorrect System Time: Deviation threshold. Specifies the deviation that will trigger the alert
    • Connection Loss: Windows servers only. Limit the scope for the Connection Loss alert.
    • Connection Loss: Notify when restored. Generate notification when RMM agent detects that connection is restored.
    • To configure SNMP device alerts, you should select what event types will be used to generate alerts. Click Select to specify these events. Selected events will be monitored for devices discovered on RMM > SNMP Monitoring
    • You can exclude some devices, disks, partitions, volumes, or software from monitoring.
  3. Once you configured all required alerts, click Save Changes.

These notification options will be applied to all computers, if there are no overrides configured on company or computer level.