Back Up Shared Drives

A separate SharePoint/Teams/Shared Drives license is required for every backed up domain for all who start to use the service. In case some users have exclusive access to the specific shared drives, you need to purchase the Microsoft 365 / Google Workspace licenses for these users to back up these specific shared drives.

To learn more about licensing, refer to the Licensing chapter

To back up Shared Drives:

  1. Assign a SharePoint/Teams/Shared Drives license for a domain in Management Console on the M365/Google Workspace > Domains by editing required domain.

  1. To enable Shared Drives backup, click Configure Backup on the dashboard, then turn on Shared Drives backup services. Select Apply to enabled users to create Shared Drives backup for all enabled users. To create the initial backup, click Save. The backup task is created and will be scheduled automatically. Once the initial backup is completed, you can view a list of backed up items.

If the required Shared Drive is not accessible by the Google Workspace administrator, but another user has access to it, you need to, additionally:

  1. Enable that user on the in Management Console on the Organization > Users.

  2. Assign a Microsoft 365 / Google Workspace license to that user. Once these steps are complete, the Shared Drive will be available for backup.

Shared Drives backup is performed twice per day automatically.

Restore Shared Drives

To restore Shared Drives objects (files and folders), select Shared Drives in the horizontal menu bar.

You can find a necessary file by filename or part of the filename. Type the search expression and click the search icon. After the search is complete, click the file to quickly navigate to the file location. To download a file, browse the Shared Drive backup content, then click the particular file to view its revision list. Revisions appear to the right. Click the required file revision to download it to the Restore folder on the drive.

Check the restore job progress in Task Manager. To open it, click the Task Manager icon to the right of the horizontal menu bar.