Windows Update Policy

With RMM you can configure flexible Windows Update policy for computers in your environment.

The key features of the RMM Windows Update policy are:

  • Windows Update policy is configured in Management Console
  • Step-by-step configuration of parameters via wizard
  • Viewing policies in Management Console

How It Works

RMM Agent (must be updated to version 1.5 or later) periodically requests for new policies from Management Console, then initiates downloading of OS updates of the specified categories. Request frequency is 1 hour and is constant. Each update for specific computer is downloaded and installed separately.

If a local operating system update service is enabled on the computer, it functions independently. This means that Windows Update policy brought by RMM Agent does not cancel it.

Searching and Installing Updates

The search and installation of Windows Updates are combined into one cycle and are executed at the scheduled time. If multiple updates are found and installed, these processes do not interfere each other.RMM Agent downloads and installs only those updates that match the configured policy. Updates with a pending installation timeout are not downloaded.

If there are no policies, the Update searcher service is not disabled and is used by RMM Agent to search for available updates.

Create New Windows Update Policy

To create a new Windows Update Policy, proceed as follows: New main menu

  1. Open the Management Console.
  2. Open RMM > New Group Action Task to start the new group task wizard.

Legacy main menu

With legacy menu you will need to perform more steps:

  1. Open the Management Console.
  2. On Computers select Remote Management
  3. Click RMM Group Actions Tasks.
  4. Select New Group Action Task.
  5. Select Windows Update Policy (New).
  6. Click Next.
  7. Configure the policy application:
  • Select the Apply to all companies option to distribute the Windows Update policy to all computers with installed RMM Agent in all registered companies
  • Select the Apply to all computers in selected companies option to apply the Windows Uopdate policy for sepcific companies
  • Select the Apply to selected computers only option to apply the Windows Update policy to custom computers
  • Select the Exclude computers check box to create a list of computers the Windows Update policy will not be applied to

8. Click Next. 9. Configure the Windows Update policy.

  1. Set the schedule for the policy.

  1. Click Save to finish the policy configuration.