Install or Update Software

Install or update software task require Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) enabled.

To install or update software, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Management Console.
  2. With the new main menu click RMM > New Group Action Task

  1. Proceed with the wizard.

Select Group Action

Select the Install or update software group action to apply to multiple computers.

Click Next.

Select Computers or Companies to Apply Group Action

Select a scope to apply the group action. You can apply group action to all your companies, to specific companies, or to specific computers. You can set specific computers to apply group action by tags, assigned to these computers (This feature requires RMM Agent 2.0 or later). You can exclude specified computers from the group action.

Consider, group actions apply only to computers with the RMM Agent installed and Monitoring enabled. To apply these actions to other computers, install RMM Agent instances onto these computers first. You can select computers that are offline at the moment of selection. The action, in this case, will be applied as these computers come online. Click Apply to save your selection.

To set specific computers to apply group action by tags perform the following:

  1. Select Apply to computers with the following tags option on the Apply to step of the RMM Group Action Task wizard.
  2. Click Select tags

Selected tags appear below Select tags link. To clear tag, click the close icon next to it.

  1. Once the group action task scope is set, click Next.

Configure Group Actions

As you selected computers to apply the group action, configure the action. You can select the following options:

  • Install or Update from Library. This option requires RMM Agent version 2.0 for Windows and higher. In case of winget tool is installed on computers, you can select the software from winget Library.
  • Install by Link. Install software using a download link. This action requires the installation performed in silent mode.

Install or Update from Library

  1. Type software name in the box and click Validate software.

  1. In case the software is found in winget tool library, you will see available software versions.

  1. Select the required software version.

Once you configure the action, click Next.

Install by Link

  1. Provide an installer download link. You can select a software that can be installed in silent mode without any interaction with user.

You should provide installation parameter that set a silent mode for installation. This parameter depends on selected instller.

Once you configure the action, click Next.

Schedule Group Action

Specify the schedule for the group action. If you plan to run the action manually, select the No schedule (run manually) option.

Click Next.

Note that if you select the 'No schedule' option, the started group action can be immediately applied to computers that are offline at the moment of the group task creation as they come online. Check whether the the Run missed scheduled tasks immediately when computer starts up option is selected to perform it.

If required, set the schedule for the group action execution. You can set the following schedule options:

  • Run once
  • Specific date (once, daily, or monthly). You can create a requrring schedule. The recurring schedule can be used for a task that takes place on a regular basis (e.g., every Monday and Wednesday from October through December on specific weekday and time).

When you specify the time for the group action execution, remember that the system time of the instance the RMM Agent is installed will be used

Created task is enabled by default. You can disable the task to temporarily postpone the sheduled task runs.

Once you configure the schedule, click Next.

Complete Group Action Creation

Check the task on the Summary step. Once you complete the new group action task configuring, click Create. You will be promplted to confirm the task execution.

Confirm the group action according to selected 2FA verification method.

If you selected the Run Once option, you will be provided with the report of the group task execution in real-time.

Click on the specific computer to view the detailed information on the group task execution.

View and Manage Existing Group Action Tasks

To view and delete the existing group tasks, proceed as follows:

New User Experience

  1. Open the Management Console.
  2. With new main menu click RMM > Group Action Tasks

To view the group task details, click the task name in the Task column. You can see task details on General tab.

To view the result of the task, click Last Result tab.

To delete the task, expand the actions to the right of the task to delete, select Delete, then confirm the deletion.