Management Console 5.6 (21-Dec-2021)


Resolved Issues

  • RMM: Hotfix installation ends with timeout error
  • Remote Desktop: Remote Desktop is uninstalled upon connection attempt from an other account

Managed Remote Desktop (09-Dec-2021)

Features in Management Console

  • Increased file transfer limit for Managed Remote Desktop to 1024MB per file
  • Added ability to show black screen and disable remote input for unattended access
  • Added 2FA support on the host side

Features in Remote Desktop Agent

  • Meetings:
    • Added ability to mute/exclude participants
    • Added ability to set a display name
  • Chats: Added ability to open hyperlinks in chats

Resolved Issues

  • Minor bug fixes

Management Console 5.5 (09-Dec-2021)


  • Remote Deploy: Improved logic
    • Configurations are now applied automatically only once
    • Re-apply configuration to a specific computer option in 'Apply Configuration' dialog
    • 'Exclude Computers' option from configuration deployment list
  • Remote Management:
    • 'Thread Count' and 'Chunk Size' options for Backup Agents for macOS and Linux
    • 'Logging level' option for Backup Agent for macOS

Resolved Issues

  • Remote Deploy: Master Password is not applied for new companies
  • Remote Deploy: Issue on resetting backup plans and shared backup destinations for multiple companies in the same configuration
  • Remote Management: Encryption password display issue

Management Console 5.4 (02-Dec-2021)


Resolved Issues

  • Remote Management: Partitions are not listed for local/network share storage accounts upon disk image restore
  • Remote Management: Schedule step improvement of backup wizards
  • Remote Deploy: Image-based backup plans are deployed with the enabled 'Keep BitLocker' option
  • Remote Deploy: 'Prefetch Block Count' option is not displayed in the image-based backup wizard

Backup Agent 7.3 for Windows (02-Dec-2021)


Resolved Issues

  • Backblaze B2: repository sync issue
  • Logging: manual deletion operations are not included in Audit Log
  • Setup: Microsoft Visual C++ package installation issue
  • Consistency check: Manually deleted backup data is not restored
  • Bootable USB: Error upon selecting bare-metal recovery option

Management Console 5.3 (16-Nov-2021)


Resolved Issues

  • Remote Management: Offline Linux/macOS computers are not displayed
  • Integrations: Autotask tickets are not created despite successful integration

Backup Agent 7.2.2 for Windows (16-Nov-2021)


  • Image-based backup: 'Back Up All Fixed Drives' option
  • Notifications: Restore Verification status in notification email message
  • Support for Windows 11

Resolved Issues

  • Junction points and symbolic links are included in backup
  • Null reference error upon VSS snapshot creation

Office 365 / G Suite Backup (15-Nov-2021)


  • Audit log. Added records of completing restore jobs


  • Office 365 backup. Updated UI for User Group to configure auto-activation settings

Usability Enhancements:

  • Added checkboxes to select files on Drive, SharePoint, Shared Drives
  • Added paging to SharePoint table and tile view

Resolved Issues

  • Minor bug fixes

Management Console 5.2 (19-Oct-2021)


  • Immutability for AWS S3 (BETA)
  • Remote Management: New file and image-based backup wizards
    • The new backup format support in Management Console for file and image-based backups
    • Grandfather-Father-Son (GFS) retention policy support in Management Console for file and image-based backups
  • Reporting: Storage Usage report improvement
  • Backup History: an option to display the worst result for the day
  • Remote Desktop: Remote Desktop for Android

Resolved Issues

  • Reporting: Billing report is not being consistently displayed
  • ConnectWise: An "effectiveDate cannot be less than the agreement billing start date" error upon billing data delivery
  • Image-based restore: Partitions for file system account are not listed
  • Branding: Vendor and Product names cannot be modified in 'Base Branding'

Backup Agent 7.2.1 for Windows (13-Oct-2021)


Resolved Issues

  • Engine: Backup or Restore plan halts if Backup Service is off
  • Wasabi: Incorrect redirects from HTTPS to HTTP
  • Restore to EC2: Invalid restore plan setting if created from ribbon menu
  • Hyper-V: Powered off virtual machine backup in legacy backup format issue
  • Restore-Only: Error occurs on listing current prefix in the Restore-Only account

Backup Agent 7.2 for Windows (14-Sep-2021)


Backup Agent 3.2.2 for macOS & Linux (14-Sep-2021)


  • Wasabi: Support for AP-NorthEast-1 region (Tokyo)

Management Console 5.1 (09-Sep-2021)


Resolved Issues

  • Licensing: Assigned and valid macOS licenses are automatically changed
  • Licensing: "Buy New" button does not invoke the purchase dialog

Backup Agent 6.4 for Windows (18-Aug-2021)


  • Security: Execution of pre-/post actions can be restricted by provider
  • CLI: Option to exclude folders for image-based backup plan commands

Resolved Issues

  • Remote Management: User account is not assigned if added via CLI

Management Console 5.0 (17-Aug-2021)



  • Remote Management widget on the Home (dashboard) page to display RMM Agent summary
  • All/Warning/Problem filter for RMM > Remote Management page
  • RMM + Remote Desktop license management on the side panel of Organization > Administrators

Resolved Issues

  • Branding: Vendor and Product names cannot be changed for Base Branding
  • Remote Management: Installed hotfixes remain available on the sidepanel

Backup Agent 6.3.9 for Windows (09-Aug-2021)


  • Backup Agent security update

Resolved Issues

  • Autoupdate/Force update: Backup service fails to start after update

Management Console 4.9 (05-Aug-2021)


  • License Management: FastSpring Contextual Store support
  • Wasabi: US region is set as default on adding storage account/destination

Management Console 4.8.5 (29-Jul-2021)


Resolved Issues

  • Delete Data Queue: Inconsistent information in logs and email notifications

Office 365 / G Suite Backup 1.0.19 (21-Jul-2021)


  • Improved user management. You can now select multiple users/groups in the grid on the 'Users' page. Now you can configure backups for selected users/user groups or disable these users to release their Office 365 / G Suite licenses
  • Improved file search functionality for Drive, SharePoint, and Shared Drives
  • Added user group search on the 'Users' page
  • Added a search option for Mail folders
  • Added an option to see a full mail folder path
  • Inbox is shown by default for Exchange Online
  • Backup size in total instead of drive size is now displayed on the 'Users' page for every user
  • Improved Azure storage data processing
  • Added a summary of the backup statuses to the 'Reports' section
  • Added a new backup status 'Overdue' to the 'Reports' section. Uncompleted backups older than 24 hours are now reported as 'Overdue'


  • Usability enhancements:
    • Improved Office 365 / G Suite dashboard page
    • Improved 'History' page
    • Improved 'Audit Log' page
    • Improved 'Retention Policy' page
    • Improved 'Mail' page
    • Improved 'Drive', 'SharePoint', 'Shared Drives', and 'Teams' pages. Added horizontal and vertical scrolling of folder structure
    • Improved button toggles on the Dashboard and 'Users' pages
    • Improved 'Reports' page

Resolved Issues

  • Minor bug fixes

Management Console 4.8.3 (12-Jul-2021)


  • New 'Licenses' page layout
  • Default settings for new provider
  • Support for Wasabi AP-NorthEast-1 region
  • Ability to buy additional Office 365/G Suite licenses by one if the total license number exceeds 10
  • Remote Management: Offline status duration is displayed for offline computers
  • Remote Deploy: Only supported plans are displayed after downloading via 'Get Configuration'
  • Logging: Option to include Event Log records and VSS diagnostics

Resolved Issues

  • Image-based backup: Different plan status information displayed on 'Monitoring/History' and 'Remote Management' pages
  • Branding: Impossible to assign an available license
  • Branding: Cannot change an email address in Base Branding
  • Integrations: No tickets created in Autotask if backup/restore plans failed
  • Reporting: No computer name is displayed in 'Group Report'

Backup Agent 6.3.8 for Windows (16-Jun-2021)

Resolved Issues

  • Image-based backup to Wasabi: 'More than 65535 total parts uploaded for a single object' error
  • Licensing: Unassigned licenses after update
  • Consistency Check: 'File is missing in backup storage' false-negative error
  • Restore: Corrupted restored files on item-level restore from ESXi dynamic disks

Management Console 4.8.2 (10-Jun-2021)


  • Reporting: New threshold setting for notification of storage usage in 'Storage Usage' report
  • Reporting: Data deletion is disabled for MSP360/Wasabi storage in 'Billing report'
  • Administration: 'Manage companies' permission for sub-admins
  • Remote Management: 'Protect console with master password' and 'Edit options' for specified computer
  • Integration: ConnectWise: Option to assign a product for each company

Resolved Issues

  • Remote Management: File backup plan steps in MS SQL backup plan wizard
  • Remote Management: Backup plans with storage accounts added locally cannot be edited via Remote Management
  • Reporting: Capacity report: cannot delete computer
  • GUI: duplicated menu items in Firefox browser
  • Integrations: error on importing contacts from Autotask

Backup Agent 3.2 for macOS & Linux (01-Jun-2021)


  • Security for macOS: Backup Agent is enhanced with a signature
  • Security for macOS: Support for self-signed certificates

Resolved Issues

  • Restore: Empty folders are not restored from AWS S3 storage

Management Console 4.8 (25-May-2021)


  • New monitoring and management solution: RMM Service
    • Group operations for remote computers
    • Support for HTTPS connections, encryption, 2FA
    • Access to monitoring and management tools
    • Windows services, OS processes and Hyper-V machines are managed remotely
    • Remote PowerShell script execution
    • Remote registry editing
    • Software updates on remote computers
    • Viewing Windows Event Log records
  • Remote Deploy improvement
    • Image-based backup plans for Remote Deploy configurations (Windows only)
    • Master password for CLI (Windows only)
    • Symlink backup configuration for Linux
    • WebUI configuration for Linux/macOS
  • File Backup: new backup wizard
  • Image-based backup: new backup wizard
  • Reporting: Office 365 backup size is displayed in the 'Backup Destintaion' grid
  • Security: Emergency login codes for users that are not included in the IP Allowlist
  • 'Manage Users' permission is split into three: view only, 'Create/Edit users', 'Delete users'

Resolved Issues

  • Image-based backup: the plan is not saved correctly if the backup source contains spanned/dynamic volume
  • Image-based backup: changes are not saved after the backup plan is edited
  • Retention Policy: 'Always keep the last version' option is not disabled if the 'backup date' value is selected for the 'Delete version older than' option
  • Remote Management: "Your session has expired" notifications appear after editing image-based or MS SQL plans using sub-administrator
  • Remote Management: Cannot change the service account
  • Management Console: "Add destination" button is not visible on 'Edit User' and 'Destinations, Licenses and Domains' page if storage limits are not set
  • Monitoring/History: Incorrect redirect if a 'Company' filter is applied
  • Security: AdBlock plug-in blocks 'unsupported version' API request
  • Security: 2FA Alternative codes: Active codes do not work if the Google sign-in is used
  • Security: IP-Allowlisting: Password is reset if an IP address is not included in the allowlist with attempts via Google authentication
  • Amazon S3 cloud: Confusing error on applying a lifecycle to S3 storage with credentials that do not have appropriate permissions
  • Licensing: "Grant" button does not work for the Office 365 / G Suite trial license and does not the paid license cannot be assigned

Backup Agent 6.3.7 for Windows (12-May-2021)


  • Support for new Google regions: India (Mumbai), Canada (Montreal), Netherlands

Resolved Issues

  • Plan created in Backup Agent is not displayed on the 'Monitoring/History' tab
  • Image-based backup: Interrupted backup plan cannot be started
  • Image-based/MS SQL backup: Plans are marked as 'Overdue' after editing with remote management
  • Restore: MS Exchange 2016 item-level restore is not available for backups created with remote management
  • Restore: An 'Wait time not set' error occurs on restore attempt from AWS S3 Glacier

Management Console 4.7.10 (22-Apr-2021)

Resolved Issues

  • Email Notifications from the MSP360 Sales department are sent to customers daily

Management Console 4.7.9 (05-Apr-2021)


  • Security: 'Enable ability to delete files from the Storage tab' option is disabled by default
  • Support for Wasabi US-Central-1 region
  • Unified Billing: Improved account deletion mechanism
  • Licensing page: Group action for expired license deletion
  • General performance improvement
  • VM plan wizard: Schedule Options: Full backups schedule displayed as 'Incremental Backup'

Resolved Issues

  • Security: Error 'This DNS name is already used by site' after re-adding HTTPS bindings from scratch
  • Security: No 2FA verification codes required on logging into Management Console with 2FA enabled on the old URL
  • Reporting: Storage Accounts and Capacity Report pages display used space with abandoned data
  • Reporting: Capacity report: Incorrect display of data for storage accounts removed from user stage
  • Backup Agent: a new 'Desktop' license support for macOS

Backup Agent 6.3.6 for Windows (29-Mar-2021)


  • Support Wasabi us-central-1 region
  • Performance: High memory usage by the scheduler

Resolved Issues

  • Hybrid/Non-Hybrid backup conflicts. Image-based backup to the same cloud storage produces invalid backups
  • Image-based backup: "The specified blob or block content is invalid" error occurs during backup to Microsoft Azure
  • Image-based backup: Access to the temporary directory is denied during backup
  • Image-based backup: unknown file size while backing up to Microsoft Azure
  • Image-based backup: a backup plan hangs on file exclusions
  • Update: Backup Agent autoupdate failure

Office 365 / G Suite Backup 1.0.18 (22-Mar-2021)


  • New option for automatic activation of new users in selected Office 365 user groups
  • Office 365 guest users are excluded from synchronization
  • New 'Contacts' page design
  • New 'Calendar' page design

Management Console 4.7.8 (04-Feb-2021)


  • Unified Billing: Error handling for existing accounts
  • Email service: User can switch back to MSP360 email service from custom SES/SMTP
  • Email service: SMTP error messages are displayed in GUI

Resolved Issues

  • Sub-admin without permission to manage storage accounts is able to see destinations of all companies even if he is limited to one company
  • RMM: Internal error or no options loaded while editing an account (computer)
  • Reporting: Scheduled Storage usage report is empty
  • UI: Slow performance on the Administrators page
  • API: Object reference exception on an attempt to get a user with incorrect ID or deleted user

Backup Agent 6.3.5 for Windows (27-Jan-2021)


  • Hyper-V and VMware: Ability to delete selected files from backup on 'Backup Storage' tab
  • MS SQL: MS SQL backups can back up simultaneously to the same backup destination

Resolved Issues

  • Authentication settings are retrieved before the Backup Agent login box appears
  • Force update of Backup Agent issue
  • CLI: command to delete from backup storage is not protected with a master password
  • Hybrid backup: Backup plan terminates with success regardless of no files were backed up as storage limit was reached
  • Hybrid backup: Incomplete upload to a hybrid destination is displayed as completed
  • Image-based restore: Restore plan BitLocker password is not encrypted on item-level image-based restore from BitLocker-encrypted volumes
  • Hyper-V backup: the plan previously interrupted by a user via Task Manager fails to run on the next run

Management Console 4.7.7 (18-Jan-2021)


  • Let's Encrypt certificates are generated automatically upon their upcoming expiration date
  • 'Desktop\Server' license name is changed to 'Server' (this change does not affect backup/restore operations)

Management Console 4.7.6 (28-Dec-2020)


  • Unified billing for MSP360 storage

Resolved Issues

  • Advanced Rebranding: monthly billing offered instead of annual
  • Used space displayed incorrectly on the 'Storage Accounts' and 'Capacity Report' pages
  • Storage Accounts: new user is not displayed in the company's storage, only on 'Company Destination' page
  • Notifications: obsolete license names displayed in notification emails. Baremetal license is now Desktop/Server

Management Console 4.7.5 (10-Dec-2020)

  • PowerShell script to deploy builds using GPO/RMM
  • User storage limits can be applied to 'Company' destination
  • 2FA: Support for Microsoft Authenticator
  • Fix: Sub-admin cannot delete companies even if privileges are sufficient
  • Fix: Sub-admin cannot sign out with forced 2FA
  • Fix: Allow users to receive notifications issue
  • Fix: IP Allowlist: Some checks are broken in the 4.7 version
  • Fix: Duplicated Backup Destinations (for users and companies)
  • Fix: Absence of the 'Company destination' storage accounts in scheduled storage usage email reports
  • G Suite/Office365 backup: MSP360 storage does not return its endpoint upon request

Backup Agent 6.3.4 for Windows (30-Nov-2020)

  • Fix: Backup Agent returns instead of the list all of the supported editions
  • Fix: Management Console: The plan list is not synchronized in RMM and Reporting sections Backup Agents for Windows
  • Fix: VMware backup: slow backup as Changed Block Tracking feature is not working properly
  • Fix: OneDrive Backup stuck at some point and isn't interrupting
  • Fix: Hyper-V backup: Hyper-V machines with physical disks (pass-through disks) are not backed up
  • Fix: File-level backup: backup plan fails, but successful backup plan termination is reported
  • Fix: File-level backup: backup plan fails to establish a connection to a network share destination, nothing is uploaded, but successful backup plan termination is reported
  • Fix: Image-based backup: volume shrink issue

Management Console 4.7.1 (30-Nov-2020)

  • Direct links to services from the Management Console
  • Fix: Remote Management: Force using VSS/Use system VSS options displayed incorrectly in plan editing
  • Fix: Management Console: Synthetic full option is not available for MSP360 storage
  • Fix: Office365 Backup: Reports are not sent

Backup Agent 3.1.2 for macOS & Linux (26-Nov-2020)

  • Support for Multiple Rebranding feature
  • New CLI command to select Backup Agent editions from the Allowed Editions pool
  • Support for MSP360 storage in collaboration with Wasabi
  • Support for TLS 1.1/1.2

Management Console 4.7 (28-Oct-2020)

  • Multiple rebranding feature
    • Force upgrade or Auto-update options is enabled if rebranded software is already on the latest version but rebranding settings were changed and need to be updated
    • Downloads panel: Brand assignment feature
  • Renewed 'Companies' section
  • Renewed 'Administrators' section
  • Renewed 'Downloads' section
  • Available editions configuration for Backup Agent (Allowed editions, Default edition)
  • Two-factor authentication for sub-administrators
  • Company backup destination is inherited by all company users
  • Unified billing storage for testing purposes in collaboration with Wasabi
  • CLI can be protected with master password in Management Console
  • New notification settings: Global, Company, Plan settings
  • Notification emails contain detailed error descriptions
  • Support for AWS Europe (Milan) Region
  • Support for AWS Africa (Cape Town) Region
  • Support for AWS Bahrain Region
  • Remote management: Use fast NTFS option upon backup plan creation
  • Default signature version 4 and native multipart upload usage for S3-compatible storage accounts
  • Security: Let’s Encrypt introduced
  • Security: SSL from Web UI for Online Access introduced
  • Security: SSL for G-Suite/Office365 introduced
  • Website binding policy: no SSL certificates are allowed without private key
  • GApps/Office365: Warning message when users change storage accounts for domain/users
  • Force upgrade dialog: display version to be applied
  • Licenses: 'Expire Date' is substituted with 'Next Renewal Date'
  • Licenses: All/Auto-Renew toggling
  • Session expiration period is extended
  • Fix: Remote Management: Drives are not displayed on image-based backup plan creation
  • Fix: RM: Adding an Image-Based Plan results in 'Object reference' error
  • Fix: RM: Error on trying to get BasePlan from Json string (BackupDiskImagePlan)
  • Fix: RM: no warning for partitions with a changed ID in the image-based backup wizard
  • Fix: An offline server is displayed in the grid while none are offline or hidden in RMM
  • Fix: Licenses: "Automatic Subscription:Not Enabled" message for Share-it CY is removed
  • Fix: Licenses: an instance with expired paid licenses and Company pool does not apply automatically available license from Global pool
  • Fix: Licenses: Auto assign of VM Socket license from global pool does not work
  • Fix: Licenses: Grant control activation returns 'You have no licenses of this type' message even if a company has licenses of this type
  • Fix: Unable to log in using Google OAuth with 2FA enabled
  • Fix: Open SSH Connection issue
  • Fix: Restore to Cloud: Multiple restore plans were created while initiating the restore to Azure VM on the 'Restore to Cloud' in Management Console
  • Fix: Restore to Cloud: The second restore to Azure VM plan cannot be created on the 'Restore to Cloud' page in Management Console while the first restore is running
  • Fix: Bindings and Certificates: Binding has not been added
  • Fix: Bindings and Certificates: unable to delete SSL binding
  • Fix: Bindings and Certificates: Online Access - DNS: unable to change the custom online access DNS
  • Fix: Unable to delete the test storage
  • Fix: List of storage accounts is not updated on the machine upon adding a new destination to user
  • Fix: Email service: Custom SMTP fails to send test email with the following exception: 'System.Net.Mail.SmtpException The operation has timed out'

Management Console 4.6.8 (13-Oct-2020)

  • Fix: Failed to verify email for Amazon SES (Settings | Notifications)

Backup Agent 6.3.3 for Windows (07-Oct-2020)

  • Improved Hyper-V Backup
  • Support for Hyper-V backup in Windows 8 and Windows 10
  • Restore to Hyper-V With VM Import
  • Support for vSphere 7.0
  • Fix: file restore of the latest version instead of manually selected
  • Fix: errors logged in the detailed report on successful backup
  • Fix: the list of storage accounts is not updated on the machine after adding a new destination for the user
  • Fix: no solution for pre-/post action errors
  • Fix: some errors in the event log "System" are not logged if a VSS snapshot is failed to create
  • Fix: image-based plan: Volsnap events are not logged on plan failure
  • Fix: unique constraint is failed while trying to implement repository auto-synchronization
  • Fix: notifications and Backup History: reports on backup plan failure if a backup is terminated due to a missing license
  • Fix: no notification if the storage account is missing for file system accounts
  • Fix: file-level backup: search thread is paused, then is not continued
  • Fix: Hyper-V virtual machine is not restored in manual mode
  • Fix: VMware item-level restore: no snapshots are available in backup data
  • Fix: VMware backup fails if a path to ESXi host contains non-ASCII symbols
  • Consistency check for MS Exchange: no Exchange databases are uploaded if a consistency check fails for one database
  • Fix: Image-based restore to a virtual disk: invalid virtual disk minimal size calculated

Backup Agent 3.1 for macOS & Linux (22-Sep-2020)

  • Full backup after encryption settings were changed
  • Support for AWS Europe (Milan) region
  • Backup Agent for macOS: an option to suspend backup plans in case the backup source is on the battery power supply
  • Storage and company limits are displayed in Backup Agent and WebUI settings
  • Rebranded logo adding to WebUI feature
  • Warning about limit exceed contains the information which limit was exceeded: storage limit or company limit
  • Fix: Delete locally deleted files feature does not work in backup plans with directly selected files
  • Fix: Notification email to an alternative email address or main user email address is not sent

Management Console 4.6.5 (30-Jul-2020)

  • Remote Desktop (formerly Remote Assistant) enhancements:
    • Ability to create a pre-configured Remote Desktop application
    • Option to try Managed Backup Service (a service for managing backups and restores)
    • Option to install Backup agent (when switched to Managed Backup Service)
    • Send Logs option
  • Monitoring Remote Desktop connections (Remote Desktop Statistics tab)
  • Fix: 'Completed with warnings' notification issues (non-English configurations)
  • Fix: Plan status is shown as "Running" on the Monitoring even if it was completed

Backup Agent 6.3.2 for Windows (15-Jul-2020)

  • Item-Level Restore for Volumes with Windows Data Deduplication
  • Support for vSphere 6.7
  • Support for AWS Europe (Milan region)
  • Compression is enabled by default
  • Error Messages copy feature introduced
  • Fix: VM edition unexpectedly changes to Desktop/Server Edition
  • Fix: cbb delete command restriction if rebranding option 'Enable ability to delete files from the Storage tab in a Backup Agent' is off
  • Fix: Plans are not restarted after auto-update with a 'Success' report with no data uploaded to a storage
  • Fix: Auto-update interrupts currently running plans
  • Fix: Backup Agent restores data from Glacier, restricted via Management Console
  • Fix: Generic error occurred in GDI+ and application crash
  • Fix: Install Backup Agent via Remote Desktop: CLI parameter added to leave already installed Backup along with parameters to register MBS user

Backup Agent 3.0.1 for macOS & Linux (10-Jun-2020)

  • Fix: Cannot open a list of contents of a mounted network share in Backup Source section of Management Console
  • Fix: WebAccess crash while a plan is created or edited
  • WebUI minor improvements.

Backup Agent 3.0 for macOS & Linux (27-May-2020)

  • SFTP protocol support
  • CLI: new command for adding Azure Stack
  • Search feature in the Backup Storage tab
  • Fix: Management Console: External drive is not displayed backup source
  • Fix: Management Console: wrong 'Point in time' in restore plan.

Backup Agent 6.3.1 for Windows (26-May-2020)

  • 'Fast NTFS scan' feature improved
  • Support for Pre / Post actions in restore plans
  • Image-based backup: excluding mechanism improved
  • Item-level restore: BitLocker volume support introduced
  • Fix: ESXi host socket is checked by the host full domain name and counted twice
  • Fix: VMware backup does not work immediately after edition change
  • Fix: Calculate number of Hyper-V/VMware machines selected for backup
  • Fix: Script error during Google Cloud and Google Drive storage account authentication
  • Fix: SQL full restore fails with error 'The specified STOPAT time is too early'
  • Fix: 'One or more files are EFS-encrypted' error message while force VSS is enabled.

Management Console 4.6.4 (26-May-2020)

  • Backup Support Pack is replaced with Managed Remote Assistant
  • Managed Remote Assistant licensing is introduced
  • Backup and Restore plan error codes introduced
  • Changed Block Tracking option introduced for VMware backup plans
  • The option of On-Demand files exclusion is introduced for file-level backup plans (Windows only)
  • Fix: Edit Image-based plan failed with "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
  • Fix: Autotask tickets were not created upon plan's failure
  • Fix: Restore to Azure VM plan could not be created once the backup wizard is completed
  • Fix: Administrator with 'Manage Users' permission assigned to a specific company was able to see other users after deleting the company
  • Fix: High CPU usage while removing data
  • Fix: Remote Deploy: unable to edit configuration if it contained backup plans chained.

Management Console 4.6.3 (22-Apr-2020)

  • "Run Full Backup instead of Block-level" option for VMware Backup
  • Group Report: Email has been added into exported file
  • Fix: "Out of memory" error in cloud data removal service
  • Fix: Backup History monthly statistics performance improved
  • Fix: Backup History: renamed plan was shown twice (with an old and a new name)
  • Fix: Restore MS SQL Files opened Restore MS SQL Database
  • Fix: User accounts with space symbols are not displayed in Management Console
  • Fix: Image-based - "The user has no backup destinations assigned" if user contains a space in its name
  • Fix: Discrepancy between Last Success dates on Monitoring and History pages
  • Fix: Image-based Advanced schedule showed incorrect date for Fulle Backup start date
  • Fix: Remote Deploy failed with "An exception occurred during the WebClient request" when applying a configuration
  • Fix: "No subscription found" error on configuration attempts of lifecycle rule for MS Azure storage account
  • Fix: VirusTotal check endpoint appeared as an offline computer on the Remote Management

Management Console (15-Apr-2020)

  • Free 90-day backup licenses for Windows and macOS desktop

Backup Agent 6.3 for Windows (23-Mar-2020)

  • Error handling for Backup and Restore plans
  • Support for UEFI boot for cloud machines on AWS EC2 and Microsoft Azure
  • Fix: Over-sized MFT record write attempts
  • Fix: Cannot install VMware libraries while editing a VM plan
  • Fix: RM service does not restart after changing Backup service account
  • Fix: Access to the path is denied while VM / Image-Based / Hyper-V restore from a file share
  • Fix: System.OutOfMemoryException during a synthetic full backup
  • Fix: Connection issue: the backup plan is interrupted by schedule, but continues to work
  • Fix: Consistency report upon on-schedule interruption
  • Fix: Invalid disk configuration for EC2 instances with more than one NVE disk
  • Fix: Long synchronization issue upon prefix change

Management Console (16-Mar-2020)

  • Licenses on the License Management page are grouped by type
  • Delete Incomplete Multipart Uploads feature introduced

Management Console (04-Mar-2020)

  • API for MBSAPP IOS is granted for sub-administrators use

Backup Agent for Windows (02-Mar-2020)

  • Fix: Restored virtual machine fails on operating system start or contains errors on disk
  • Fix: High memory usage by Cloud.Backup.Scheduler.exe process
  • Fix: getplandetails command returns an error

Management Console 4.6.2 (25-Feb-2020)

  • Fix: IP whitelisting issue
  • Fix: Error on an attempt of granting a license of a type different from edition
  • Fix: Image-based backup plan issue. Drives are not displayed during plan creation

Backup Agent 6.2.5 for Windows (20-Feb-2020)

  • Fix: Mandatory consistency check issue
  • Fix: VMware restore: the application tries to used purged version of cbrevision
  • Fix: Image-based backup plan issue in case of connection interruption
  • Fix: VMware restore plan failure
  • Fix: VMware backup plan issue on virtual machine size allocation

Backup Agent 6.2.4 for Windows (21-Jan-2020)

  • Preventive consistency check for Image-based backup, Virtual Machine backup, and Microsoft Exchange backup types
  • Fix: Sendfiletosupport CLI command issue

Management Console (21-Jan-2020)

  • Force Full backup option introduced
  • Backup plan progress info is extended

Management Console 4.6.1 (23-Dec-2019)

  • Support of "US East 2 (N. Virginia)" region for Wasabi
  • Fix: "You are not authorized to perform selected operation" issue on Google Cloud accounts
  • Fix: "Plan hasn't been saved. Something went wrong" issue after editing Image-based backup plan
  • Fix: "Safe handle has been closed" issue on creating EC2 instance backup with "Backup metadata" option enabled
  • Fix: "The user has no backup destinations assigned..." on creating Image-based backup plan if a user email address contains '+' character
  • Fix: "You do not have access to Autotask server" on Sending Billing to Autotask (non-English)
  • Fix: Azure access tier is reset to default (Hot) on VM backup plan creation
  • Fix: Sorting issue in License Usage Report
  • Fix: Blank scheduled reports (Storage Usage, License Usage, Licensing) if filtering by computer/user

Backup Agent 6.2.3 for Windows (19-Dec-2019)

  • Fix: FOREIGN KEY constraint fails during synchronization
  • Fix: High CPU usage issue
  • Fix: ACL backup issue on network share destinations
  • Fix: Backup plan successful termination despite synchronization fail
  • Fix: Encryption password issue during consistency check

Backup Agent for macOS & Linux 2.10.2 (16-Dec-2019)

  • End-user license agreement renewed
  • Product and company name update improved

iOS: CloudBerry Backup Admin 1.2 (04-Dec-2019)

  • iOS 13 support
  • Fix: plan viewing issue

Backup Agent 6.2.2 for Windows (29-Nov-2019)

  • Fix: Drives displaying issue during plan creation
  • Fix: Notification settings issue. Notifications are displayed only in case there were enabled in the Management Console
  • Fix: Backblaze B2 file-level backup: error while deserializing an object
  • Fix: Multiple connections to a server or network share by the same user with more than one username are not allowed

Management Console 4.6 (18-Nov-2019)

  • Backup History scheduled report
  • Alternative codes for Two-factor Authentication
  • Enhanced Add Storage Account wizard
  • Remote Management: "Keep number of versions based on backup date" for macOS/Linux
  • Remote Management: "Skip folders" for macOS/Linux
  • Remote Deploy: Block-Level backup option for Linux/macOS
  • Licenses on Management Console and Licenses tab aligned by types
  • Online Access: Azure Germany is supported now
  • Backup Support Pack is the only option for remote connections
  • Audit Log enhancements (Computer & User added for Grant License; Purchase transactions added)
  • EC2 backup wizard fixes
  • Fix: Backup History monthly filter issue
  • Fix: Request to enable Restore to EC2/AzureVM fails if notification service is not configured

Backup Agent 6.2.1 for Windows (07-Nov-2019)

  • Use Backup Operator option is enabled by default
  • VM socket licenses are checked before the VM backup plan run
  • Backup Agent installation improvement
  • Fix: Files were not included in a snapshot error message
  • Fix: Compression headers loss for S3 Compatible (including AWS Snowball Edge) storage
  • Fix: Retention policy does not work correctly in IBB mode
  • Fix: Custom retention policy does not work correctly on hybrid backup plans
  • Fix: Adding a new network path revokes all other sources
  • Fix: "The given key was not present in the dictionary" error

Backup Agent for macOS & Linux 2.10.1 (05-Nov-2019)

  • macOS Catalina support
  • Full disk access support
  • Fix: Backup to Wasabi fails in several cases with "The AWS Access Key Id you provided does not exist in our records" notification
  • Fix: SQL errors occurrence after product update
  • Fix: cbb addAccount command error

Backup Agent for macOS & Linux 2.10.0 (15-Oct-2019)

  • Direct object restore from S3 Glacier
  • Saving and sending logs in the latest backup plan run
  • Azure destinations support is expanded. Currently, the following destinations are supported:
    • Azure Stack
    • Azure Germany
    • Azure China
    • Azure Government

Backup Agent for Windows 6.2 (25-Sep-2019)

  • Item-level restore for MS Exchange 2013/2016/2019 (beta)
  • Restore VMDK or VHDX from VMware/Hyper-V backup
  • Bandwidth throttling across all plans
  • Real-time improvements (support of Shared folders, NAS storage, Microsoft Office files)

Management Console 4.5.1 (12-Sep-2019)

  • Storage limit now allows restoring from S3 Glacier by default (Fix: "Restore limit is exceeded" on restore)
  • Fix: Export to CSV of Backup History took only 50 records
  • Fix: Storage Usage Report is being sent in HTML even though it was requested in CSV
  • Fix: Last start/Next run time in Group Report did not take timezone into account
  • Fix: "Keep number of full backups" was an incorrect name of the option - it is named and works as "Keep number of versions" now.

Backup Agent for Windows 6.1.3 (05-Sep-2019)

  • Fix: File backup to local storage crashed with "Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow"
  • Fix: "Could not find a part of the path" for a path with a specific symbol in the end
  • Fix: "Absolute path information is required" during backup or repository re-init

Backup Agent for Windows 6.1.2 (22-Aug-2019)

  • Fixes for master password option ("Plan file signature is invalid", Consistency check failure)
  • Fix for Backup Support Pack installation issue

Management Console 4.5 (14-Aug-2019)

  • Backup Support Pack is now turned off by default by security reasons (new option in Settings | General)
  • Fix: Backup Support Pack did not work within the backup agent

Backup Agent for Windows 6.1.1 (06-Aug-2019)

  • Azure Stack support
  • Synthetic Full for S3-like storage
  • Ability to exclude disks and files for Hyper-V backup
  • Restore verification for image backups (BETA)
  • Backup schedule improvements (Block-level / Incremental)
  • Support of AWS Hong-Kong region
  • Support of AWS Europe (Stockholm) region
  • Master password security enhancements (including protection of CLI)
  • Fix: High memory consumption on data purging
  • Fix: Image-based backup failed if selected partitions were changed after plan creation
  • Fix: Handle "space" and "dot" symbols in folder/file path
  • Fix: Image backup to network share failed with "The handle is invalid", "Device is not ready" and "Cyclic redundancy check"
  • Fix: Ability to uncheck files that no longer exist to avoid "File not found" errors during the backup

Management Console 4.5 (06-Aug-2019)

  • Option to delete computer (Remote Management)
  • Scheduled reports: customization of Group Report, custom Subject name
  • Enhanced Monitoring and Backup History pages
  • Azure Stack support
  • Pre- and post-actions for Mac/Linux
  • Capacity Report: filter data for administrators
  • View Purchase History permission for administrators
  • ConnectWise: option to update open tickets and create new if tickets are closed
  • Support of AWS Hong-Kong region
  • GApps: support of Wasabi storage, storage limits, enable/disable global admin access
  • Enhanced Help

Backup Agent for macOS & Linux 2.9.2 (24-Jul-2019)

Fixes only:

  • Backup with encryption failed due to the chunk size limitation
  • Backup failures after waking up from a sleep mode

Management Console 4.4.4 (09-Jul-2019)

  • API: ability to add Wasabi and Minio storage account
  • Other API fixes

Backup Agent for macOS & Linux 2.9.1 (01-Jul-2019)

  • Support of AWS Hong-Kong region

Management Console 4.4.2 (29-May-2019)

  • Improvements to data deletion
  • ConnectWise-related fixes (unable to log in, create tickets)

Backup Agent for macOS & Linux 2.9 (13-May-2019)

  • Pre and Post actions in Backup Plans
  • Skip Folders in Backup Plans
  • Direct upload to Amazon S3 Glacier and S3 Glacier Deep Archive
  • Support for S3 Intelligent Tiering storage classes

Backup Agent for Windows 6.0.2 (29-Apr-2019)

  • Direct upload to S3 Glacier Deep Archive
  • Fix: Automatic startup of the service does not work
  • Fix: Restore files from Google Cloud are corrupted in some cases
  • Fix: File restore from S3 (Infrequent-Access) stuck
  • Fix: Locally deleted folder is restored regardless of "Track deleted files" (on) and "Restore deleted files" (off)

Management Console 4.4.1 (29-Apr-2019)

  • Direct upload to S3 Glacier Deep Archive
  • Fixes (data deletion, 2FA code generation)

Backup Agent for macOS & Linux 2.8.2 (11-Mar-2019)

  • Support for Azure Shared Access Signature
  • Support for Wasabi Simple Token Service

Backup Agent for Windows 6.0.0 (05-Mar-2019)

  • Direct upload to Amazon S3 Glacier
  • Resuming Image-based and MS Exchange backups
  • Storage-specific retention policies in Hybrid backup
  • Support of Amazon S3 Intelligent-Tiering storage class
  • Support of Wasabi EU region
  • Support of Microsoft Azure Share Access Signature (SAS)
  • Support of AWS Security Token Service (STS) for Wasabi
  • Seeding backup data by external transfer appliances
  • Image restore improvements

Management Console 4.4 (05-Mar-2019)

  • Direct upload to S3 Glacier (through storage class)
  • Support of Microsoft Azure Share Access Signature (SAS)
  • Support of AWS Security Token Service (STS) for Wasabi
  • Remote Management: Export to CSV
  • Remote Management: Indicating repository synchronization is in progress
  • Option to Synchronize Repository before run backups (Pre/Post Actions)
  • Support of Amazon S3 Intelligent-Tiering storage class
  • Enhancements for Backup History reporting
  • Administrators: Show/hide Backup History report permission
  • Support of AWS Europe (Stockholm) region
  • Support of Wasabi EU region
  • Detailed report is always for plan notification
  • Swedish language for Notification emails added

Backup Agent for macOS & Linux 2.8 (26-Feb-2019)

  • Detailed Report
  • Wasabi eu-central-1 region

Backup Agent for macOS & Linux 2.7 (15-Jan-2019)

  • Amazon S3 Stockholm region
  • Wasabi us-west-1 region

Management Console 4.3 (19-Dec-2018)

  • Backup History Visualization
  • Email Customization for VMware, MS Exchange, and MS SQL backup plans.
  • Chain backups in Remote Management
  • Added the warning status for backup and restore plans
  • Added IP addresses to Audit Log
  • Added the ability to assign a new storage to users after specifying credentials
  • Enhanced Home Page design

Backup Agent for macOS & Linux 2.6.1 (5-Dec-2018)

  • B2 application key
  • Amazon S3 One Zone-IA storage class
  • Retry requests if server is inaccessible
  • Failure on backup of files with special characters such as diacritics in the name

Backup Admin 1.1 for iOS (5-Dec-2018)

  • Support for iOS 12.1
  • Support for the new iPad Pro
  • Design improvements and bugfixes

Management Console 4.2.4 (29-Nov-2018)

  • Support for Microsoft Azure Archive and Cool storage tiers
  • Support for the following Azure account types: Azure Germany, Azure China, and Azure Government
  • Single sign-on for ShareIt as well as numerous payment enhancements

Backup Agent for Windows 5.9.4 (26-Nov-2018)

  • Enhanced Hybrid Backup
  • Support for 1-click Upgrades
  • Support for Microsoft Azure Lifecycle Policy

Management Console (7-Nov-2018)

  • Added encryption information in the MBS Windows Agent when restoring to cloud
  • Volume discount percentage when purchasing licenses
  • Automatic HTTPS binding for URLs created by Office365 / G-Suite providers

Management Console 4.2.3 (22-Oct-2018)

  • Support for BackBlaze B2 application keys
  • All-new EC2 backup and restore functionality
  • Support for Amazon One Zone-Infrequent Access
  • IP address whitelist for restricted access to the MBS Management Console
  • Remote Management: ability to enable the Track file deletes option
  • Remote Management: ability to save backup plan configurations to the storage for macOS & Linux
  • Remote Management: Enhahced System info view

Backup Agent for Windows 5.9.3 (12-Oct-2018)

  • Support for EC2 Backup
  • Various bugfixes

Backup Agent macOS & Linux 2.6 (21-Sep-2018)

  • Block-level Backup
  • Support for macOS Mojave

Management Console 4.2.2 (3-Sep-2018)

  • Enhanced and streamlined ConnectWise integration
  • Support for Finland region in Google Cloud
  • Ability to search through accounts when editing
  • Ability to search through companies when adding one to an administrator
  • Enhanced user deletion window
  • Enhanced license auto-renewal mechanism

Backup Agent for Windows 5.9.2 (21-Aug-2018)

  • Support for synthetic backup for Wasabi
  • Support for VMware vSphere 6.7

Backup Agent for macOS & Linux 2.5 (23-Jul-2018)

  • Backup and Restore of plans
  • Enhanced retention policy settings
  • Web UI improvements
  • Expanded logging level settings
  • Enhanced sheduling

Backup Agent for Windows 5.9 (20-Jun-2018)

  • Local Deletes Tracking
  • Backup Storage Capacity Report
  • File-Level Backup for VMware
  • Restore-only mode
  • Support for Amazon One Zone-IA
  • Ability to select GP2 EBS when restoring to EC2

Management Console 4.2 (9-Jun-2018)

  • Support for S3 Osaka-Local region
  • Ability to create a pool of licenses for a particular company
  • Ability to assign a particular license from a particular transaction to a particular computer
  • Group actions for licenses
  • Ability to disable automatic renewal of expired licenses from the pool of existing licenses
  • Integration with OptiTune
  • Ability to add file system accounts via API
  • Ability to unhide hidden computers in RMM